Established And Recognized Estate Administration

When a family member passes away, the grief felt by those left behind is often accompanied by the pressure of having to address many important legal and financial issues promptly and effectively. If you are faced with this situation or preparing for the inevitable, attorney Andrew Feldman is a caring, efficient and trustworthy resource.

Work With A Proven Probate, Trust Administration And Estate Tax Lawyer

Mr. Feldman has been an attorney and certified public accountant in New York for 30 years. Skillful navigation of the probate process and complexities associated with succession, trust administration and asset transfers are core strengths. His key qualifications include:

  • Extensive experience presenting wills to the courts in Nassau County and Suffolk County - and in dealing with intestate administration when someone dies without a valid will in place
  • Comprehensive understanding of the full range of estate planning tools and documents, including sophisticated trusts
  • In-depth knowledge of title issues and other matters of New York real estate law that may prove critical for the smooth passing of valuable property
  • Proven ability to address and overcome any unexpected challenges that arise for you as an executor, heir or beneficiary to the estate
  • A comprehensive grasp of estate tax issues and other matters of vital concern to surviving family members

Efficiency And Detail Focus You Can Depend Upon In A Trying Time

From offices in Mineola, estate administration lawyer Andrew Feldman guides families on Long Island and in New York City through the necessary processes with care and precision. He will clearly explain all necessary steps and prioritize your interests as you target the most timely, smooth and cost-efficient settlement of affairs possible. Should a will contest or other dispute between heirs arise, Mr. Feldman is experienced in negotiations and litigation as well.

Our work together can begin with a free consultation to discuss the required legal processes and your specific concerns. Please call 516-712-2983 or reach out to us online for prompt, personalized attention to your needs.